Burghart Schmidt / Rolf Schulte (Hg.)
Witchcraft in Modern Africa
Witches, Witch-Hunts and Magical Imaginaries

Hexenglauben im modernen Afrika Hexen, Hexenverfolgung und magische Vorstellungswelten

Paperback, English/German, 17 x 24 cm, 255 pages, num. figures., ISBN 3-934-632-15-7, price € 28,80 (order).

Witchcraft and witch-hunts have been as long part of African cultures, as beliefs in the occult and magic have been. Rumors about politicians or soccer clubs using magic to ensure the achievement of their goals, as well as reports on informal and neighborly conflicts based on witchcraft accusations, play a central role in a threateningly perceived reality.

new review

Witchcraft and witch-hunts are by no means mere remnants of traditional African folklore, but real, present and part of a social drama that present real, almost insurmountable challenges for African governments.

This book provides insights into varied psychological, religious and social implications of the witch- craft beliefs in different African regions and ethnic groups. These contributions aim to contribute to a deeper understanding of the social environments on a continent in upheaval.

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